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Prayer Sisters International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps women connect with God and one another at the heart level through prayer and friendship.

Meet our Board of Directors-

Kathy Groom
Founder and President

Kathy Groom

Kathy started Prayer Sisters International in 2005. She has been a part of a small, loyal prayer group for several years who began calling themselves Prayer Sisters because they'd grown as close as sisters and knew they could count on one another for prayer. She says, "I long for every woman to have safe friends to pray with."

As CEO/President of PSI, Kathy currently leads the Board of Directors and the Ministry Team as they build and grow this ministry. She holds a bachelor's degree in Community Service from Oklahoma State University and over the years has chosen to apply her education as a stay-at-home mom raising four children.

Kathy shares her passion for authentic prayer through her writing and speaking. She writes the Prayer Sisters materials, including the Group Guide, Quick Start, and shares her heart by telling Prayer Sister Stories. She speaks for church seminars, women's retreats, and a variety of other events. Her writings also appear in The Mommy Diaries (MOPS, Revell/Baker Publishing Group, 2008), Pray! Magazine, Today's Christian Woman, and P31 Woman, among others.

She loves flower gardening, hiking, bike riding, travel, and being swallowed up by a good book. But most of all, she loves long, uninterrupted, heart-level conversation.

Kathy and her husband, Tom, have three grown children, one teen, and live on a hill near Parker, CO.

Patricia Mason
Board Member

Pat Mason

Pat has served on the PSI Board of Directors since the ministry officially began. One of the original Prayer Sisters, she has been praying with her current group of Prayer Sisters in Parker, CO, since 1998, when they first started meeting to pray for their teenagers.

Pat believes strongly in the power of praying together. She says, "We don't know the depth of lives that are changed, children saved, battles won, disasters averted because a few women have been faithful to pray."

Besides serving on the Board of Directors, Pat assists with bookkeeping for her husband's business, Mason Energy Savings. With a college degree in Psychology, Pat has worked with children with learning disabilities and as a social worker. She has served on a variety of ministry teams at her local church. She also spent seven years homeschooling her children.

Pat has a heart for single moms, and throughout the years she and her husband, Bob, have opened their home to a now-grown foster daughter and granddaughter, as well as a single mom with three small children.

This active "Nana" enjoys triathlons and hiking Colorado's majestic mountains, and hopes to actually sit down and start scrapbooking one of these days.

Pat and her husband have three grown children, three granddaughters (so far) and live in Elizabeth, CO.

Karla Desper
Board Member

Karla Desper

Karla joined the PSI Board of Directors in 2008, while taking a sabbatical from her career in education. She joined a local Prayer Sisters group in Colorado and immediately discovered that the benefits of connecting with other women in friendship and regular prayer time were a positive force in her spiritual growth.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Texas Tech and a Masters in School Administration, and her experience in the hospitality industry, Karla brings a heart for mentoring and teaching to the Prayer Sisters International ministry.

Since her first connection with Prayer Sisters, Karla has worked with several local churches and women's groups to help start Prayer Sisters ministries. She speaks to various women's groups and retreat opportunities on behalf of Prayer Sisters. She says, "There is nothing sweeter and more encouraging than when another woman hears your heart and prays intimately with you about life's stuff."

Karla resides in Lake Havasu City, AZ. She has two adult children and is currently praying for a few beautiful grandchildren in the next few years!

Karla is from the South, raised in Texas and reminds us often how her grandmother would handle things.

Karen McDaniel

Karen McDaniel

One of the original Prayer Sisters, Karen joined the PSI Board of Directors in 2009. Karen brings years of ministry, business and entrepreneurial experience to our team. She has started MOPS ministries in WA and CO, and is a founding member of a local Charter School. Karen and her husband, Barry, also started and own CornerStone Hearing Centers in Aurora, CO.

With a heart for women, Karen draws upon the healing of her own past hurts to minister to others. She has served in women's ministry in various roles and is currently the Women's Ministry Coordinator at her local church.

Karen is passionate about Prayer Sisters. She says, "As I reflect upon where we are as a nation, I feel the urgency to tell women the importance of being on their knees in prayer. One of the greatest things in my spiritual walk has been the privilege to bring my prayers and praises to my Prayer Sisters."

Karen loves to read, ride the motorcycle with her husband, shop with her girls and golf with her guys. She also enjoys "being with my girlfriends praying, lunching, talking and more talking!!!"

She and her husband have three grown children and live in Franktown, CO.

Aly Yohn
International Director

Aly Yohn

Aly is the newest member to join our board, in March of 2012, as the International Director for Prayer Sisters International. Aly has a huge heart for prayer, worship, international ministries and missions. She began starting prayer groups over 30 years ago and has prayed with women all over the globe. Her heart's cry would be to see Isaiah 56 come to life! "For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations."

Through the ups and downs of life, some very difficult, Aly has developed a deep trust in God and a true reverence for the amazing power of prayer to transform lives. She says it is something so awesome, so vital and yet so simple. She would love to help inspire women to see that power of prayer in their own lives and in this world.

Aly and her family recently returned to the United States after living several years in China, where God lavished on her a love for the Chinese people and missions; and showed her in a fresh way what the power of prayer can do. She and her husband, Rick, love that they have the opportunity to entertain groups of internationals on a regular basis in their home.

Aly has six kids total, including her two newest additions last year when two of her children married. She loves travel, gardening, hospitality, interior design, walking her two golden retrievers with her husband, photography and spending time with her many kids!

She and her husband, Rick, live with their youngest daughter, Anna, in Parker, Colorado, overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

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