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Getting Started

There are two ways to become a Prayer Sister. You may start your own group. Or you can contact your local church or women's organization and ask them to support a Prayer Sisters™ ministry.

Start Your Own Group

There is such a need for women to have this kind of support that eager participants may be surprisingly easy to find.

Ask God for his direction and for his plan. He knows who would benefit the most and fit together the best for your particular Prayer Sisters™ group. Be open to women of different ages and seasons of life, as well as varying church homes.

Consider your closest friends. Friendships strengthen when friends pray together.

Look around you at church for women you would like to get to know better. A group can start small with just two or three women.

Perhaps there are women in your neighborhood or at work who would like to support one another this way. Or there may be other mothers of students where your children attend school.

Contact your local church or women's organization.

Ask your pastor or women's ministry director to start a Prayer Sisters™ ministry.

Refer leaders to for information.

Read the Prayer Sisters™ Group Guidelines