Wow! What a unique time in life! Four years, typically, with little responsibility other than go to class, eat your meals, study hard, hang out with friends and pass!  Your parents think of you sitting at a desk, furiously cramming information into your brain.  You and your friends picture yourselves walking around campus or going to parties, making friends and being free to do whatever you want!  Society tells you that this is the  
And it will be a time that you never forget.  Honestly, your life is just beginning.  And if you are fortunate enough to go to college, then make sure that you use this time the best way you can.  So let’s think about what God might want for this time in your life?  But first understand, college is an amazing time and you should have the best time you’ve ever had so far in your life.  You can make decisions and go out with friends and date and all of that stuff.  Just don’t forget there is a life after this!  God wants the best for your whole life, not just the life you have after college. 
So what does God want for these four (or five or six) years of your life? What does God want you to be doing when you are searching for the friends, or mate, that will spend forever with you in the ups and downs of life?
For a lot of college students, this time is when you start thinking about your life, your world, what really matters, what is the purpose of your life and your choices?  You might be feeling conflict about who you are and what you want the rest of your life to look like.  But maybe that’s how God designed this time in your life?  You have a lot of time, little responsibility and questions about your world. You have time to focus on a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God.  What if God wanted to open your eyes to a new world and a new calling on your life?
Society today tells us “it’s all about us”, “Just focus on yourself.”
But we at Prayer Sisters believe that GOD ACTUALLY HAS A FAR FAR GREATER PLAN FOR THIS NEXT GENERATION!  That God wants to use THIS generation to do great things! To change the world!
What if we told you that YOUR generation would truly be the generation that was going to change the world? That you would see the return to family values in your lifetime? That you would see peace in the crazy Middle East? That you would see miracles? 
There is one thing we want to tell your generation……..  GOD HAS SPECIFIC PLANS FOR THIS GENERATION! ….AND YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!
Our goal is to equip you to run hard after God in the area of prayer and to change the world!  WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US!
Praying together binds hearts together in authentic and deep friendships.  Prayer Sisters helps girls and women connect to God and each other at the heart level through prayer and friendship.

Your prayers matter! Contact us today to find out how you can start a Prayer Sisters group on your campus! Email our College Coordinator, Anna Ceravolo, at: for more information. Welcome aboard!