For Individuals:

-Can I join if I’m not part of a group?

Of course you can! We welcome all women, young and old. We do encourage women to start groups, because of the authentic relationships and encouragement in our own walks that we are able to build when we pray together.  But our main goal is to see women praying! We want to be there for you whether in a group or not.


For Individuals Who Would Like To Be Part Of A Group:

-How do I find friends to pray with?

This is a good question!  And there are many different answers.  Think about the following suggestions and begin asking:

  • Close friends
  • Work associates
  • Church friends
  • Neighbors

If you can find even one person interested, she may have other friends to ask.  If, however, you can’t find anyone, then we suggest you present the idea to a church or other organization and ask them to consider supporting a Prayer Sisters ministry.  If you are lonely, chances are excellent other women in your area are, too.  Prayer Sister offers a great opportunity to find each other.

-Do I have to include strangers in my group, or can my group consist of my existing friends?

We actually advise close friends to become Prayer Sisters.  If you have three to seven friends who desire to pray together as Prayer Sisters, then you already have a group.  Go for it!  You will experience a deepening and strengthening within your relationships.  If, however, you have only one or two other interested friends and would like your group to be larger, we recommend you consider opening your group to women who are looking for friends just like you.

-What if I have a hard time developing friendships?

No worries.  Praying together has an amazing way of opening hearts and deepening relationships.  Since God is calling you to a prayer group, you can trust him to help you through the scary parts of developing intimate friendships.

-What if I don’t like praying aloud?

That’s fine.  Just be sure at least two members of your group are comfortable voicing everyone’s prayers.  With time you may feel more at ease praying aloud, but no pressure.  God hears your silent prayers just as well as the spoken ones.  You’ll be amazed at how God can grow you in this area after you begin praying with other women out loud!

-Can I be an on-line Prayer Sister?

Absolutely! Whether you join with a group or as an individual, you are always welcome here at Prayer Sisters! However, one of our ardent hopes is that all women will have Prayer Sisters to gather and pray with. In doing that, they commit to pray for one another’s needs on a regular basis.  Since an important element of relationships includes getting together, on-line friendship are not optimal, however, praying on-line is better than not praying at all.

For Groups:

-When should we meet?

We recommend meeting twice a month, but you choose what works best for your group.  A regular date and time is helpful for planning purposes.  First and third Thursdays of every month from 9:00- 10:30 a.m., for example.

For working women, evenings or sometime on the weekend might be necessary, depending upon each individual’s work schedule.  If schedules coincide, perhaps a lunchtime prayer might be convenient.  For stay-at-home moms with children in school, during the school day works well.  Groups with small children may also want to meet during the day, taking turns caring for the children in a separate room.  Another idea is to hire a local homeschool teenager to watch the children, giving the moms much needed time together in prayer.

-Where should we meet?

Meeting in one another’s homes is the logical option.  You can take turns meeting at different homes, or if one person has the gift of hospitality, she might welcome the opportunity to regularly exercise her gift in this way.

Working women who choose to meet during a lunch hour will need to find a central location with quick and easy access for each member of your group, such as a local library study room or an available office.

Another option is to meet at a church that is convenient for your group.  Some of our Prayer Sisters attend a church with a small coffee shop, which has become a favorite place to meet.

On nice weather days, you may want to try something different and visit a park.  Pray around a picnic table, or find a comfy spot under a shady tree.  One group describes a special prayer time, walking together on a bike trail: “We prayed, enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and exercised- all at the same time!”

-How many women should be in a group?

Three to seven is best.  When a group has too many members, it is hard to give adequate time and attention to each person’s prayer needs.  Also, confidentiality is more difficult to obtain in a large group.  A group of at least three members builds a necessary sense of comradeship and support.

-Do we need a leader?

It always helps to have one organized person to send reminders, etc, but it is not necessary to have a specific leader.

-How long should each meeting last?

We recommend at least one hour, depending on how many members are in your group.  Many groups meet for two hours, allowing sufficient time for both visiting and prayer.  Some groups prefer not to establish an ending time, trusting the Holy Spirit to manage their prayer time.  We encourage you to spend at least 2/3 of your time together praying and reading scripture.

-Do we have to belong to a church?

Not at all.  The objective is prayer, not church involvement.

-Should we serve refreshments?

ONLY if it does not take away from the focus of prayer.  Prayer is our highest priority.  Most groups elect to save snacks for special occasions (i.e. Christmas, birthdays, etc.), although coffee and tea are frequently served on a regular basis.

-How long will our group be together?

As long as you need it to.

-What if someone in our group moves away?

In our transient society this is bound to happen.  Consider having her continue by connecting through Skype.  Or invite someone to fill her spot and pray that she will be able to find a new Prayer Sisters™ group wherever she goes.

For Ministry Leaders:

-How do I start this ministry at my church or organization?

We recommend a ministry launch event- a Saturday morning workshop, luncheon, evening meeting, for example- to inspire your women to pray and instruct them how to create groups.  Begin promoting the arrival of Prayer Sisters™ at least four to six weeks prior to the event.

-How is this ministry maintained?

Give your groups something to look forward to, such a seasonal gatherings of all existing Prayer Sisters™ groups.  Encourage them to register as a Prayer Sister and we will help you to encourage them.  Some other tips for maintaining groups is to make sure you have a key person for each group as well as share stories of answered prayers at other women’s ministry events.

-How many leaders do I need to me start it?

This completely depends on the size of your church or organization.  We have found that a leadership team makes ministry much more successful and fulfilling.  Smaller churches could have co-leaders while larger organizations might require a team of three to five to help share responsibilities.  However, it is also possible to lead a Prayer Sisters™ ministry with just one person willing to take charge of the events.

-What does a Ministry Launch Event look like?

Each church and organization will tailor their own events to fit the personality of their women, yet some aspects we highly recommend include:

  • Prayer
  • Inspiration (often a speaker to inspire women about the concept of Prayer Sisters™)
  • Introductions- Women often attend events such as this to connect with other women.  At Prayer Sisters™, we are passionate about giving women every opportunity to make new friends and to deepen existing friendships.
  • Basic instructions on how to start a group
  • Plans for follow-up events.  Give the women some sense of supervision to help them get started.

-How many women will it take to develop this ministry?

You can begin Prayer Sisters™ with as few as three women.  We recommend groups consist of three to seven women.  One group praying will hopefully inspire other women to create their own groups.  This doesn’t have to be a big ministry to positively affect the lives of many- the Prayer Sisters™ themselves, their families, as well as the entire church and community that they pray for!

-What materials are available to me as a Ministry Leader?

See our Resources page or contact our President, Aly Yohn, directly at

-How will our church or organization fit into the larger Prayer Sisters Community?

We would like each Prayer Sister to join us on Facebook.  Together we are developing a community of Prayer Sisters™ around the world.

-Is Prayer Sisters™ affiliated with a denomination or religion?

Prayer Sisters™ is a Christian non-profit organization not related to any denomination.  See our Statement of Faith for more information.

 -How much will this ministry cost my church or organization?

At this point, the only cost of maintenance is printing materials.  Costs can be kept down by downloading our logo from our website and printing announcements and other information on standard copy paper.

The ministry itself incurs very little expense.  The element of Prayer Sisters™ that holds the most room for expense is the ministry launch event, especially if a speaker is hired.

How much will a ministry launch event cost?

You can make Prayer Sisters™ as elaborate or as simple as you like.  Some churches choose to have big events with a Prayer Sisters™ speaker, food, decorations, bracelets, etc.  Others may choose to have a simple meeting with little fanfare and little cost.  You will have to make that determination based on the personalities and culture of your women.  Some organizations choose to gather smaller groups of women in homes to introduce the concept of Prayer Sisters™, keeping the cost to a bare minimum.

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