GOD IS CALLING ALL WOMEN… YOUNG AND OLD! If you are one of those women that believe retirement is simply for golfing, shopping, and relaxing… have I got a surprise for you! You may not have toddlers running around the house anymore. You may not be dashing off to another soccer game or PTO meeting, you may not be teaching that ladies bible study, or outside gardening, but God is NOT done with you and your ministry!
This is for all women, whether retired or not, whether you started strong and are just tired, or are just looking to finish the race well.  GOD HAS A PURPOSE AND A PLAN FOR THOSE LATER YEARS! GOD WANTS YOU TO LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY!
 Don’t be fooled by the culture that says you’ve done your work and now you can just relax. You may have a little more time on your hands without little ones underfoot. And although I’m sure God wants you to enjoy hanging out with friends, golfing, or traveling, He has more for you than that!  This may be the time when society says we slow down. But THIS my friends is the time when God says to pick it up!
We have the time, we have the experiences, we have the understanding of people who are not children anymore. NOW is the time to pick up the mantle and to change the world through prayer!
Ladies, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s… this is the time to find your fulfillment in praying for others! This is the time to see God move, because you asked! This is the time to change the world through your prayers! And God is calling us. Calling every one of us. He says, “You do not have because you did not ask.” Well NOW is the time to ask!
So you’re busy still… but is it possible that you could give 10 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour a day to see the Kingdom of God grow? Start by just spending 15 minutes every morning in prayer. Don’t know where to start? Start with your family, your church, your pastor, your neighbors. Ask the Lord how you can be praying for these people? Start your day off by PRAISING GOD, then ask Him who you should be praying for today, then LISTEN.
The great news is… WE HAVE A GOD WHO SPEAKS! We just need to learn to listen. If you can’t hear God, ask Him to speak more clearly. Quiet the distractions in life. Sneak off to a quiet place. And then just sit and wait to see if God speaks something to you. I always highly encourage people to start that time with some scripture, or worship music. Bring a notepad. Write down anyone who comes to mind and PRAY!
“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective! ”  You want to change the world around you? You want to leave a lasting legacy for your family, for your friends, for God’s kingdom? You want to be remembered in life as someone who changed the world? THEN PRAY. NOW IS THE TIME!