The History of Prayer Sisters International

The first Prayer Sisters™ group began several years ago in Parker, Colorado, when a small group of friends began to meet regularly to pray. As mothers of teenagers, they originally met to pray for the growing concerns of their adolescents. Over the years, they widened the scope of their prayers and found themselves walking one another through a variety of personal challenges and family crises. Eventually they began calling each other “Prayer Sisters” because these friends had grown as close as sisters and knew they could count on one another for prayer.

These first Prayer Sisters™ began to recognize the powerful value of praying, laughing, and crying together in a safe place. Inspired to help other women share in the same enriching benefits, under the leadership of one of the Prayer Sisters, Kathy Groom, they established Prayer Sisters™ Intl — a nonprofit ministry designed to create and support other Prayer Sisters™ groups.

The Colorado group gained its inspiration from a group of women who call themselves Heart Sisters in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Heart Sisters began in 1979 as a group of friends joining for weekly Bible Study and prayer. For more than 25 years, they have supported and held one another accountable through the challenges of growing as a godly woman, mother, wife, and friend. Several years ago, the Heart Sisters celebrated a lifetime of prayer-filled friendship by taking a trip to London together-just the seven of them.

We love where Prayer Sisters began and we look forward to seeing where God will take it in the future! For His glory!!