PRAY.  It is really quite simple. We want women around the world, whether alone or together, to touch heaven and change earth through prayer. Our goal is to help inspire and encourage women – to grow closer to the Lord and deeper in their Christian faith.  One way we do this is through praying!  Whether that prayer is for a small need or to change the course of the planet – we don’t care. Whether you are new to prayer and feel uncomfortable praying or you are a prayer veteran, there is a place for you here. Because we know that prayer touches the heart of God, draws us closer to Him and changes the world!
We want to provide inspiration, support, encouragement and resources to help lead you from where you are today into becoming a true prayer warrior!

What A Prayer Sisters Group Can Do For You

Prayer Sisters Groups are small groups of women committed to supporting one another in prayer, friendship, and spiritual growth who meet regularly to pray.


Prayer Sisters nurtures three essential needs of every woman:


Prayer Sisters pray one another through life’s challenges with combined hope. When we pray together, we increase the effectiveness of our prayers and gain strength from one another’s faith.


Whether with old friends or new, Prayer Sisters nurture authentic relationships through confidentiality and trust. Real friends … at the heart level.



As Prayer Sisters walk thru life together, we encourage and help one another grow personally and to truly know God.